Photovoice is a qualitative method. It uses the medium of photography to document and represent experiences, often of marginalised groups.

Photovoice is both collaborative and accessible. And, while must research is difficult to show to the public, photovoice produces beautiful and thought-provoking collections of images.

What sort of photos should you take?

You’ll be asked to upload/submit 5 photos that you feel visualise your relationship with ADHD in the home.

This can be of anything – something you think shows your symptoms, something that shows how you deal with it. The idea here is to keep this open and not give you any ideas – be creative – it’s what we’re good at!!

Do not include any identifying information in the photos

This includes yourself and other people, addresses on stray envelopes, street signs visible through windows, or photos of yourself and others in your house. It may be easier to take photos of certain parts of your home rather than an entire room.

  • Any photos with identifying information or people included cannot be included in the research. If easier, you can blur out parts of the photo, or ask me to!
  • If any identifying information is found, I will contact you to discuss the option for blurring or cropping the image, or you submitting another one.