Shape the Analysis

When using photovoice, it is important that meanings are not misinterpreted by a single researcher. Therefore, you can join our private group on Facebook to help analyse and sort the photos, and to further provide your experience and insights about ADHD and home.

You don’t have to take part in the rest of the research to do this, as long as you’re a woman aged 21+ with ADHD or suspected ADHD and have a Facebook account, you can join.

What happens in the Group?

  1. First you’ll be asked to agree to the Group Rules to join.
  2. When you’re accepted, you’ll have first access to look at the photos.
  3. Here you can comment on and react to the photos suggesting important themes that you think should shape the analysis.
    Please note, that comments will be moderated. Comments that do not meet the Group Rules will be removed.
  4. There will also be interactive polls where you can further share thoughts and shape the research.
  5. Each week at 12:00 (GMT) on Monday, all comments and activity will be cached (saved) for research purposes. Therefore, from when you activity or you comment is approved, you have until 12:00 GMT Monday to withdraw your data.
  6. Data will then be extracted from the cached page. It will be anonymised. From this point, only your words will be included in analysis.
    Any other data (name, photos, etc.) will be removed.

Group Rules are available here.